About Dr. Dengue

Mosquitoes are the carriers of various diseases and spreading epidemic like conditions which is a serious health hazard.

It is very difficult to control their growth and various insecticides are being used to control the mosquito menace. However, since the insecticides widely being used are chemical agents that are toxic to human body, causing allergies, respiratory problems, etc., the need for a safe mosquito repellent has always been felt.

After years of hard work, Kudos has brought a unique technology that not only helps repel mosquitoes but also effectively knocks them down. The best part is that this technology is herbal in nature, safe and free from any side effects.

Salient features of this Herbal Mosquito Repellent are as follows:

1.  The effective Ingredients are obtained from plants extracts

     and are absolutely SAFE.

2.  The Synergistic action of active ingredients helps in repelling

     mosquitoes within 5 minutes of its use.

3.  It not only repels but also effectively knocks down 100%

     mosquitoes within 30 minutes.

3.  Excellent performance with little chance to develop


4.  Herbal extracts are absolutely safe to use.

5.  Fills the room with a pleasant fragrance.

We are launching Dr. Dengue in different readily acceptable forms like Dr. Dengue Vaporiser, Dr. Dengue Spray, Dr. Dengue Cream and Dr. Dengue Incense Sticks.

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